to whom it may concern part II

I hope you never discredit how far you have come because you’re ashamed of where you have been. Where you’ve been and where you’re going is where you’re meant to be, and I hope you never stop believing it. You have given so much to this; to your life and your people, all in the hopes of having the future you’ve always imagined. You’ve fought for this. You are a warrior.
Even if you are in the midst of waiting and watching those around you reach the heights you are aiming for…you are not behind. You have not failed. In fact, it’s impossible for you to fail. You will arrive when you’re meant to and in the precise moment when your existence is what’s needed to make that moment extraordinary.
Your story may look very different from those around you; and you may be living in a story you feel like you didn’t even want to write and the author who took over may knock you down. But you will rise. You will find that even when your story doesn’t go according to plan, it did not stop you from reading the book. And that strength, my love, is the whole point. All along you were being prepared for something so much greater than the story you began writing; and no matter how much additional time it took, it was not too late for you.
In the meantime, I hope you find peace and acceptance. The kind that rings through your bones and shakes your core. The kind you can’t ignore even if you tried. The kind that quiets the voices that once dictated how you felt about yourself. Those voices don’t stand a chance against the acceptance of faith.
I also hope you learn to let go.
Let go of the things you thought you had but are only holding you back. You shouldn’t have to grasp so tightly to the things that belong to you. You are human. Please don’t ever forget that. Be kind to yourself. You are allowed to leave the things that hurt you behind. There are many wonderful things waiting to take their place.
I hope you connect with the small things–like that surge in your stomach you feel when you look at someone mid-conversation and feel a bond that wakes you up. There are so many things to feel in this world; let go of the pain if you want to feel the peace.
I know, easier said than done. This life is confusing.
When we desire connection, we respond by isolating ourselves. We seek love, but stop from falling because we fear loss. We dream of our “someday,” but waste today. We want change, but won’t change. We over-consume, then wonder why our space to create is so limited. We desire a new life, but fear the discomfort that comes from the unknown.
We are all a contradiction wrapped up tightly with hopes of someone else taking the risks for us.
But I ask… how is that working out for you?
At some point, you need to embrace your discomfort.
My advice to you: fix your focus. Sometimes what we interpret as a lack of provisions is a lack of priorities. You have your goals, and you should. But your focus needs to be on what you can control. You’ve spent so long looking for the light that you’ve forgotten the possibility that you could be a beacon for others. Your patience, grace, and resilience are inspiration for those around you. So, perhaps, there is hope to be found in the waiting. Perhaps in the alleys and stairwells where you’re forced to catch your breath and think about your next move, you will be invited to just…stop. Embrace where you are and what you’re feeling. Those moments when time slows are the moments when clarity is given the opportunity to make itself known. Take advantage of it every time you can. Maybe then you’ll start to hear that small whisper of hope telling you you’re on the right path. Then, in that moment, maybe you will allow your journey to truly begin.

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