My list of fears is small in scale, but significant in content. My first and true fear, the fear at the top of my list, is time.

Time moving too fast, time moving too slow, not having enough time, and having far too much. Regardless of which way time moves or how quickly, one thing is inevitable; time is always running out.

Now you can make the argument that time in manmade and in truth does not really exist. However, that fact does not take away the sense of time. It’s the feeling we get when time is running out that we truly fear.

So how does one break through the barrier that is time and start seeing life for what it really is: an endless amount of opportunities that we have plenty of “time” for.

But that time is wasted if you’re not doing anything with it. The idea of time is useless unless something becomes of it. The number one waster of time is waiting. 

I can’t help but wonder how much time we spend waiting as opposed to how much time we spend actually making something happen.

How often have you sat around waiting for that text or phone call? Or for someone to show up? How often have you wasted time waiting on someone else when all you really need is yourself to do something extraordinary. If you have to wait for someone in order to make time for them then realize that you are moving at a faster pace, and nothing and no one has the right to slow you down.

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