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I remember I  was sitting at the kitchen table. My parents were cooking dinner and there had been a question I had been wanting to ask my mom–only my mom. “Mom?” She looked up from the vegetables she had been chopping. “Mhm?” “How much do you love dad?” My dad stopped preparing whatever he was cooking and looked up at… Read more →

There’s a Promise

Journal entry from 2013 I woke up that morning and everything seemed so clear. It was like the answer to all of my penetrating questions was served up gourmet style on a silver platter and placed neatly in my head. College was starting in less than a week and I realized that I had been desperately trying to hold on… Read more →

You Can Say Anything

In this life, we are bound to be set free. So if you could say anything, what would it be? What I want to say and what I want  to feel are things that I have longed for, but have never allowed myself to have. How do you know when to let go; of your fears, your reservations, your doubts…more… Read more →