“How-To” make Jill happy and do well in the blogging world

As a student, it is essential to get to know your teachers.

More importantly, it is essential to understand what makes them happy. This is important because good student+happy teacher=passing grade. Pretty significant, right?

You could go the whole “teacher’s pet” route. So if that’s more your style then you can stop reading and just watch the video below:

But if you want to go the more personal route, then continue reading.

For starters, it is important to point out that all professors are unique, and different professors appreciate different things. Therefore, it is vital to understand that you need to get to know every professor on an individual basis.

However, there are some basic qualities that every professor loves.

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

All professors appreciate when you show up to class on time. Not only that, but when you show

photo credit-keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
photo credit-keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

up and pay attention. 

Unlike Jill, many professors won’t appreciate you having your phone and computer on with multiple social networks up. So unless you’re taking online journalism, set down the technology.

Also, most professors appreciate it when their student is interested in what’s being taught. So it’s imperative to engage in the discussion and make your interest palpable; even if you’re faking it.

Another important behavior that makes professors happy is when their students SHUT UP. Most classes are lecture based which means that students need to keep quiet.

And then there’s the whole “do your homework” thing but that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Virtual Achievement 

If you are unsure about what Online Journalism really is, click here.

In online journalism, Jill requires us to write multiple blog posts; and these posts come with requirements. You want Jill to be happy? DO ALL THE REQUIREMENTS.

They are as followed:

  • Hyperlinks- add at least two of these into every story you write. This way, you are interacting with other sites as well. And Jill likes that. The more interaction, the better.
  • Photos- photos galore! Fill your posts with photos (tastefully). It makes the post more fun to look at and interesting to read. But make sure to try and use your own photos. And always caption and tag them.
  • Videos- At some point, readers want to take a break from reading. That’s where videos come into play. Allow the reader to just sit back and relax. Just make sure the video is relevant and interesting.
  • Subheaders- Subheaders break up the text and make your story more reader-friendly. A giant block of text is unappealing and overwhelming. Multiple paragraphs and subheaders make the post more attractive and inviting.
  • Make it Interesting- The best way to make a blog post interesting, is to care about what you’re writing. Blogging isn’t like writing a news story. You can have opinion and bias and emotion. So use it all. Get invested in your story and make the reader care.

After including all the necessary components of a blog…talk to Jill. Ask any questions, talk to her about any technological difficulties…just talk to Jill.

Like I said before, professors like when students show interest. Jill likes it when students interact. So don’t be afraid to talk to her about what you are writing.

Jill will help anybody who comes to her. She has never once turned me down, and she will give you more time on an assignment if you come to her with problems.

Just be honest, dedicated and follow the blog guidelines.

Future students, you’ll be just fine.



feature photo credit: stemcollege.wordpress.com

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