and so it begins

I have spent my entire life writing. I’ve kept countless numbers of journals, and lost them all. Except for a select few. Recently, I couldn’t help but wonder…how can I keep my thoughts safe? I would love to go back and read everything I felt and thought when I was 13 years old, but I can’t. So..what options do I have?

It was obvious that I had to start over, but this time I would do it right. About two years ago I started to type all of my thoughts onto a word document titled “you may say that I’m a dreamer.” and since then I’ve been able to keep track of everything, and carry it wherever I go on a handy flashdrive. But with this blog, now I can publish some of those things. Not only will others be able to read my writing, but see my photos and my designs too. Although, do others really want to see my stuff? I couldn’t help but think that maybe the world will hate what I have to say. HA. But like I care, right?

So, after careful consideration, this website will be a collection of my thoughts; past, present and future. Along with a portfolio of my work.

Without further adieu, welcome to my life.

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