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New Mom, New Dream, Different Story.

As the end of the school year approaches, soon-to-be graduates begin to take their last steps as college undergraduates. Throughout the year, a number of students in the class of 2014 stood out more than all the others; Jessica Merkt is among that population of outstanding students. In 2011, Merkt graduated from Fort Zumwalt South in the top 25 of… Read more →

“How-To” make Jill happy and do well in the blogging world

As a student, it is essential to get to know your teachers. More importantly, it is essential to understand what makes them happy. This is important because good student+happy teacher=passing grade. Pretty significant, right? You could go the whole “teacher’s pet” route. So if that’s more your style then you can stop reading and just watch the video below: But if you… Read more →

Virtual Reality

This semester I took one of my favorite classes so far in my schooling career–online journalism. It was also one of the most stressful classes. Ever. The workload was incredible, the amount of media sites I had to make accounts for was overwhelming and the technological issues made me want to destroy my precious MacBook–who isn’t to blame for anything. With all… Read more →

Take a Hike

Weldon Springs Hiking Trails [Show thumbnails] Located down South HWY 94, about 20 minutes from Lindenwood campus, lies 385 acres of vast woods, rugged riverbanks, croplands, fishable lakes and hiking trails. The trail splits into two directions. After 3 miles of hiking, one can either follow the Lewis Trail, which is a total of 8.2 miles until the end, or… Read more →


The Act of the Selfie [Show thumbnails] Selfies have been taking the world over by storm. For those of you who do  not know, Urban Dictionary says “selfie” means, “A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website. A picture that is usually accompanied by a duckface or any… Read more →

Eyes Wide Open

  Deborah Horan Horan is a renowned journalist who spent the majority of her career overseas covering occurrences in the Middle East. She returned back to the states in 2001 where she soon joined forces with the Chicago Tribune. However, she continued to report on the on-goings in the Middle East. More specifically, the Muslim immigrant community and the war in… Read more →

I don’t “I Do.” Do I?

Marriage. In short, I never believed in it. I thought it was a pointless and unnecessary idea because who really wants to spend thousands of dollars to show that you’re committed to someone? Isn’t a verbal commitment enough? Are you really that insecure that you need to make a huge show of your relationship just to get a signed document stating that… Read more →